Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Which states in Australia can access the Wine Drive services?

A: We are currently available in South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. There may be a cost for delivery depending on your location. Wine Drive will discuss this with the organiser during fundraiser setup.

Q: What brands does Wine Drive stock?

A: The Lane, Hentley Farm, Bird in Hand, Wicks, Pikes, Robert Oatley, The Hidden Sea, Beresford, Gemtree, Vale Brewing, 23rd St. Distillery, Six Twelve Brewing, El Toro Tequila

Q: How much does it cost to host a wine drive fundraiser?

A: There is no upfront cost to the organisation. Individual members order wine using their credit card details. There may be a small cost to the organisation for setting up a short-term liquor license. Wine Drive will discuss this with the organiser during fundraiser setup.

Q: How much is raised per bottle?

A: Dependent on current pricing, approximately, $2.50 per bottle is raised (inc GST) for the organisation. $2.50 per six pack of beer sold is raised and $2.50 per bottle of spirits sold is raised. We will let you know your profit per bottle once you have submitted the fundraising form.

Q: How is the money paid to the organisation?

A: The organisation will receive notification from Wine Drive that the electronic bank transfer has occurred within 3 business days of delivery. Wine Drive cannot guarantee how long it takes to reach your bank account due to different financial institutions having different time frames.

Q: Does the organiser have to process credit card details or handle cash?

A: Wine Drive will process all orders and payments through a secure online ecommerce website.

Q: Can customers purchase wine with cash?

A: Customers purchase the wine through the secure online ecommerce website using their credit/debit card. If you prefer a different method we can discuss during fundraiser set up.

Q: Is there a cost for delivery?

A: There is no cost for delivery within the Adelaide or Brisbane metropolitan area.  We can also deliver to a freight business within Adelaide or Brisbane for delivery to regional areas. There may be a small cost for country areas.

Q: How long does the fundraiser run for?

A: We recommend running the selling period for 3 or 4 weeks. But you can choose your preferred length.

Q: When will the wine be delivered?

A: The wine will be delivered within a week from the end of the selling period.

Q: How is the wine distributed at the end of the selling period?

A: The total wine order will be delivered to the agreed location approximately 1 week from closure of the link. Wine Drive will split the total wine order into the individual orders and label with customer names for pick up.

Q: When is the credit card transaction processed?

A: The purchase is processed immediately once the customer submits payment online

Q: Will each individual customer receive a receipt of purchase?

A: Each customer will receive an automatically generated tax receipt to their email on payment. There is no need for the fundraising committee to deal with any receipts.

Q: Is there a minimum purchase?

A: Customers can order a minimum of 6 bottles of each wine.

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