How it Works

Step 1: Click on the host a fundraiser button and fill in the details on the PDF. Email completed form to

Step 2: Select a start date and end date for your wine fundraiser. We recommend a 3 or 4 week selling period

Step 3: Wine Drive will contact you to confirm all details including wine delivery date

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation email with all details for your fundraiser.

Step 5: Wine Drive will send advertising material for your fundraiser. This will include an A4 flyer and social media advertisements. These will include a unique link and QR code to access the website to purchase wines.

Step 6: Community members purchase wines via the secure website

Step 7: Wine Drive will pack and label the total sales into individual orders

Step 8: Wine Drive will deliver the total sales to an agreed delivery point 1 week from the end of the selling period.

Step 9: Community members pick up their wine from the location

Step 10: Your organisation will receive the total amount raised in an electronic bank transfer within 3 business days depending on the banking institution